Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a bundle of different application which allows a home based user or business user to maintain their documents, tracking their financial data, sales data, creating powerful slides and Maintaining Database at one spot.It also allows you to store your data either locally or on cloud so that you can access it whenever, wherever you want. It consist of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and lots more.

It is available in different versions in market i.e. Microsoft Office 2010, 2016 and 365 ( a subscription based plan ). It works on both platform which is Windows and on Mac.

The first thing where it creates troubles for you is setting up new account and in starting your services. By keeping all these things in mind we have made this process very simply for you.You just need to scratch your code, Enter info and hit submit. And at last run the setup file and it will be installed on your machine in no time. We made it 3 steps process for you.

But Sometimes while installation it can make you frustated by continuously dropping the setup and sometimes it just don't go through as you expect. There could be number of reason behind that.

And for every kind of Office issue and setup we are here. We provides solutions for all your troubles and queries.

What We Do :

  • Creates your Live account
  • Redeem your code and Activate subscription
  • Resolving issues related to setup & Installation
  • Upgrading & Updating your current subscription

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