Booting Issue

Booting Problem

Some Times when you turn on your computer it doesn’t becomes on or do anything but gives you an unwanted error messages or strange noises. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to boot up then usual way. All these are the indications you’re your PC is facing Critical Error or possible a hardware damage could also be there which is stopping your computer to run properly. If your system may suddenly shut down while you are attempting to login or it may restart automatically. Both of these conditions may be caused due to the hardware and software issues in the system. Sometimes it redirects you to error page which is known as Blue Screen of Death or sometimes it gives you a black Screen If you have a screen that is completely non-responsive or there may be random, gibberish messages displayed on the screen it means your PC is not alright and can’t work in order without having proper Troubleshooting.

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Shutting down or restarting the system is an attempt by Windows to prevent further damage to the system, but this is indeed alarming. If this is overlooked then it may lead to data loss and cause irrevocable damage to the disk. For this you would require the help of expert tech support, immediately.

Our Certified Technicians are always available to help you whenever you need. We help in diagnosing and resolving your computer problems while keeping your data secured and ensuring that your data confidentiality is maintained.

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