Stock Maintenance Software

A stock management software system is a process for maintaining and managing objects or materials. It can be used to automate sales order fulfillment process. Such system contains a list of orders to be filled and then prompts employees to choose the neccessary items and provides them with packaging and shipping.

In today’s competitive market businesses have to optimize their processes and inventory levels in order to boost company's sales revenue and ensure zero inventory loss while at the same time ensure accuracy of controls and implementation of standard procedures for the flow of materials. However, in the absence of appropriate systems and information infrastructure, businesses are not able to achieve right and effective materials planning and execution due to the following information based limitations.

  • Absence of real-time and reliable record of inventories.
  • Manual requirement generation for materials across lots and orders.
  • BOM purchase order quantity
  • Calculations and material consolidations
  • Irrational wastage levels those are barely revised and monitored
  • Inaccurate trail of location wise stock count
  • In-effective implementation and monitoring inventory valuation methods
  • Irregularities in inventory levels in case of multiple storage locations due to high frequency of inventory transfers
  • In-effective manual controls for ensure
  • Reconciliation between the purchased and required inventory
  • Consumed and leftover inventory stocks

All inclusive, functionality rich software, Blindaze Inventory Management System (CIMS) fulfills all requirements for smooth management of inventories and materials procurement function of small scale to large scale businesses. Blindaze CIMS caters to all activities indulged in the flow of materials right from materials requirement determination, generating purchase orders to manage receipt Of goods. The outcome is reliable maintenance of real-time records for item wise, area wise Stock count and its valuation.

Blindaze CIMS integrates with Demand management and order entry, Financial Management & Accounting, and floor control for automatic calculation of material requirements, generation of payables and issuances Of materials upon authorization to departments. So whether you are a manufacturing concern, a distribution company or service-based business, CIMS provides great help in the preparing strong production, distribution & supply plans for companies by enabling valid and real-time record of inventories While simultaneously protecting from unforeseen stock shocks. Blindaze CIMS can also easily integrate with other third party packaged software applications such As full suit ERP’s.

Standard features of CIMS :

  • Creating & Editing of Supplier/Vendors details and supplies of materials
  • Barcode support for exact tracking of material movement
  • Maintaining item rates, specifications and leading times
  • Support any level of material variation
  • Multiple locations & delivery destinations
  • Detailed item & PO level purchase history with detailed change logs and audit trails
  • Real time reports for item wise, location wise stock levels
  • Real time inventory valuation
  • Generate relevant accounting information
  • Processing of physical stock counts and reconciliation
  • Process high volume requisitions, orders & cancellations Optimum storage utilization
  • Effective inventory controls

Why Us provides complete Stock & inventory management ( CIMS ) for all your products. Here’s why you should consider us :

  • Made it easier to transfer your Stock from one department to another
  • Stock Correction helps you correct your irrelevant stock
  • Allows you to Manage your Dump Stock
  • Create PO directly and stock transfer request also
  • Made it easy to export your item list to excel easily
  • Export all sales from one warehouse to another warehouse with one click
  • Print Barcode Stickers directly from stock manager
  • CIMS allows you to view lot wise stock details from stock manager.

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